Sponsor A Trade School or University Student

In a country where the average Haitian age 25 or older has less than 5 years of schooling and the literacy rate is around 60%, these students have truly beaten the odds by completing high school. Each of theses students has a desire to not only better him or herself, but to also make an impact on his/her community and thereby the country. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. With your help, these leaders can make a real difference.

$400 provides monthly expenses and tuition for our university students.  You can help us educate these young students with as little at $50 per month.  Or choose any amount up to the $400 monthly cost.


Esaie graduated from medical university in early 2024.  He his currently working to obtain his practice license.  He plans to help bring hope to Haiti through healthcare.

Rose Evelyne

Rose Evelyne is a sixth year medical student in Port au Prince. She is making a difference by bringing hope through healthcare.


Ernise attends Wingate University.  She studies business administration so that she can start her own business and give back to her community in Haiti.


Myken grew up at Cambry Student Village.  He was awarded a scholarship to attend a vocational school in Les Cayes, Haiti for sewing.  


Widlene is completing a US high school program and will be transitioning into dental hygiene school upon completion.  



Jimmy finished top of his class in Haiti.  Obtained a student visa to study in the U.S., has already completed his two year degree at USC- Lancaster and is now attending Winthrop University.


“The Moment I Knew” – The Flannery Family

From the first trip the Flannery’s took to Haiti, Jonathon stole their hearts. He stuck to Collin like glue and as soon as it was time to head home, the family knew they had to see him again.

For the Flannery’s sponsoring a child helps them to feel a deeper connection with the Give Hope mission. They are able to directly see the impact sponsorship has on the future of these students and understand how education can completely change their lives.