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We’re excited to introduce our gorgeous fashion line that gives back in many ways.

Our Mission & VISION

To Give Hope and bring lifelong change through the power of the Good News, good health, good education and good jobs.

To see the people we serve become able to serve others both spiritually and physically.

Our How & Why

We thoughtfully invest in people who have the desire and the ability to become change agents in their communities.

We believe we have been called to help people in difficult circumstances become all that their ambition and God given talent will allow them to be.



Your sponsorship will provide food, clean water, safe housing, medical care and other basic necessities as well as educational support for the children.


Your sponsorship can help provide the tuition of the university or trade school in which the student is enrolled, as well as a stipend for living expenses.


Your sponsorship will help a student’s parents cover the costs of a secondary school education as well as the operating costs for the school including teachers’ salaries.

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