Give Hope Global is involved in 5 specific initiatives in SW Haiti which are aimed at realizing the organization’s vision:

To see the people we serve become able to serve others,                           both physically and spiritually.

Basic Care

Through our partnership with El Shaddai Ministries International (ESMI), Give Hope provides for the basic needs for 250 children in two student villages, Cambry and Darivarger, near the town of Les Cayes. We focus on meeting the physical needs of the children by providing food, clean water, housing, medical care and other basic necessities. Give Hope and ESMI invest in the children’s future by enrolling them in our Educational Advancement program.

Medical and Dental Care

On the campus of Cambry Student Village, we help sustain the operation of a clinic that provides medical and dental care for the children, the Cambry staff and the wider community. We also partner with a local hospital and have developed a Community Health Worker program to train and employ Haitians with the goal of promoting overall community health. Travel teams have included surgeons who performed surgical procedures in Haiti and have been responsible for life saving rescue operations for kids in the states and/or in Port au Prince. Dr. Will Caldwell, a well known ENT Surgeon, and Dr. Dane Kovach, an accomplished Orthodontist, serve as Directors of Give Hope Global in the roles of Medical Director and Dental Director respectively.

Educational Advancement

The Educational Advancement component of our ministry seeks to move the young people we serve towards employability in the Haitian economy. We provide quality education through primary and secondary schools for grades kindergarten through high school. We also operate a vocational training school with areas of focus that include agricultural development, cosmetology, sewing, auto repair and construction. In Ghana, our educational efforts center around Sowers Academy, a K-8 Christian school in Medea.

Leadership Development

Give Hope identifies youth who demonstrate the ability to encourage and influence others toward building a better life. We develop opportunities for these young leaders to work paying jobs and learn as apprentices in the context of Give Hope initiatives in Haiti. Also in Haiti, and in Ghana, we’re developing leaders for the local church through pastoral development programs.

IMpact Teams

Give Hope teams travel to Haiti and Ghana throughout the year to support our initiatives and help carry out major projects. Teams have helped build playgrounds, make furnishings for the student villages, build raised garden beds with irrigation, construct chicken houses, and complete many other projects that provide needed infrastructure and are blessings to the community. Moreover, participants have a chance to lay the foundation for meaningful relationships with the people they meet, whether with a sponsored child, a teacher, pastor or community health worker.