Dear friends,

We have not communicated for a while about our efforts to assist the earthquake victims in SW Haiti.  Since returning from Haiti, we have continued to work with our partners on the ground there to help families get back on their feet after this horrific event.  Below is a quick overview of funding and specific projects that we have undertaken with your generous support:

EMERGENCY FOOD ($11,000+): This food has been purchased from various sources and distributed through the network of churches called The Reformed Church of Haiti (RCH).  RCH pastors distributed the food in an orderly process after church services, and we were so encouraged by the grateful response of the families who received the food.  The church at Cambry was one of many churches that were able to help our Haitian brothers and sisters thanks to you.

MEDICAL RESPONSE ($20,000+):  In concert with El Shaddai Ministries Int’l. (ESMI), we operate a Community Health Program in the Les Cayes area year-round.  After the earthquake, we added more Community Health Workers (CHWs), bought medicines and other supplies, and began daily clinics managed by our physician and nurse in various communities impacted by the quake.  The CHWs were a great comfort to those communities.  Dr. Sony and the team sewed up wounds, set broken bones, and dealt with all sorts of ailments at a rapid pace for weeks on end.

CHURCH/COMMUNITY SUPPORT ($24,000+): With so many churches destroyed or damaged beyond repair and the people in a literal state of shock, getting worship services back into operation and getting help to the community around the churches was critical.  Your funding allowed us to help with the cost of some funerals of earthquake victims; set up overhead shelter, stages, generators, and sound systems for outdoor worship; and provide tools and supplies for damage repairs at homes in the community.

VEHICLES/EQUIPMENT ($40,000+): To shuttle people and materials all over the region, we purchased three used vehicles: a pickup, a bus, and a large box van truck, all of which will be useful for years to come.  We also purchased a large generator to support the hosting of relief workers from other organizations.

SHELTER/CONSTRUCTION SUPPLIES ($60,000+):  This was our most significant expense category and included the cost of tents, tarps, construction materials, rope, mattresses, transportation/freight, etc. related to providing temporary shelter for children and families displaced by the quake. These families were forced to sleep in the rain before your generosity allowed them this shelter.

Though these items already add up to more than $150,000, we expect we will see the number approach $200,000 for this emergency phase of the response. Long term, there is still the giant job of rebuilding to proper standards which will take years and millions of dollars. This includes the beautiful church we worshipped in so many times in the city of Les Cayes. Fortunately for us, the buildings which our ministry uses day in and day out at Cambry all survived the quake, and our rebuilding cost there is limited to basic repairs.  Unfortunately, many of the families of our students were not so lucky.  They can live in the tents we provided for a year or so but their homes eventually need to be rebuilt.  Several ministries are now beginning to rebuild some houses, and we are hopeful that some of these families will have the good fortune to have their homes built anew.  In the meantime, we are monitoring the situation and looking to see whether God may call us to the rebuilding effort and provide the resources to be helpful in that process.

We are so thankful for your partnership in this endeavor.  Your very generous gifts have astounded us, and we have worked hard to put them to good use. May God richly bless you for your faithfulness to share His love with those less fortunate than us.

All the best,

Roger and Angela


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