To Give Hope and bring lifelong change through the power of the Good News, good health, good education and good jobs.

Our Story

Give Hope Global founders Roger Braswell, Angela Quinn and Dr. Dane Kovach have a vision: to transform communities through the power of the Good News, good health, and good education. Give Hope’s story began in January 2012, when Roger and Angela led a team of doctors, including Dr. Dane, and other volunteers to the Cambry Student Village in SW Haiti. While there, they learned that the children were severely malnourished. Roger and Angela believed they could help raise resources to address the need, leading them to develop a support program to provide additional funding. As a result, the village’s administrator was able to purchase extra food for the children, resulting in a dramatic improvement in their health. The additional funding also allowed the Cambry School to pay its teachers and begin to operate at full capacity.

Subsequent trips that Roger, Angela and Dane made to Cambry bore witness not only to the significant improvement in the health of the children, but also in the overall operations of the student village. Seeing vulnerable children’s lives transformed by hope provided the impetus for them to found Give Hope Global in December 2012. In 2013, Dr. Will Caldwell joined Give Hope’s Board of Directors as the Medical Director. He began implementing a two part medical strategy addressing acute care issues of the children and staff at the village, as well as creating a health care system focused on disease prevention and improvements in overall community health. Due to the current unrest in Haiti, we have suspended the Community Health Initiative there until further notice. However, those students in our care are provided health care support by local providers, which Give Hope pays for. 


Additionally, Roger serves on the ESMI Board, Give Hope’s partner organization in Haiti. This allows him to work closely with ESMI’s Haitian leader, Pastors Dony St. Germain, to make the best use of the funds that Give Hope provides for projects in Haiti. 


In 2016, God opened the door to a new country of service for Give Hope – Ghana – where our pastoral training, educational development projects and community health efforts are making a significant impact. John Watson, Give Hope’s Director of Ghanaian Ministries, has served in that leadership role since 2017 and has directed a continuous growth in our ministry there. Doctors Flannery and Ferdinands have developed the Community Health Program there from its beginning in 2018 and have developed many great relationships with their Ghanaian medical colleagues. 

Give Hope and its partners are seeing positive life change in communities in Haiti, Africa and the US.  We are thankful to God for the opportunity to provide hope to those who are suffering.

Our Vision

To see the people we serve become able to serve others both spiritually and physically.

  • We hope to see these children change their country someday…
  • We believe there are no limits to what they can achieve…
  • The concept of preparing them to help others will drive our plans and our programs…

Our Values

  • The Gospel—We are powerless without it
  • Hope—With it great things are possible
  • Lifelong Change—We are committed long-term
  • Nutrition—It’s where good health starts
  • Education—It empowers those we serve