Partial student sponsorships start at just $50 a month and full student sponsorships are $200.

For $50-$200 a month, your sponsorship helps to provide food, clean water, safe housing, medical care and other basic needs as well as allow us to pay support staff in Haiti. It also pays for educational support for the children including tuition, books, uniforms, school supplies and teacher salaries.

We have 170+ students!  Our students live at Darivarger, one of our transition homes, or at home with their family.   We invite you to take a look at just some of our students that are in need of sponsorship and help us fill their stars.  Each star represents $50. 

A full star means a sponsored spot & an empty star needs YOU!
Child Partially Sponsored


“He Is My Brother” – The Lee Family

“The only way to describe how I feel about Noel is that he is like a brother to me. He’s everything that I feel like family is.”

For Tara and Bonnie sponsoring a child in Haiti has not just been beneficial for their son and brother, Noel, the feeling that comes from knowing and supporting him has been absolutely priceless for the Lees.  Being able to watch Noel grow and help him achieve his dreams over the years has made a lasting impact on their family.