How Do I Pay For My Sponsorship?
The easiest way to pay for your sponsorship is online through our donation page. Through the link, monthly recurring payments can be set up, or annual payments can be made as well. You can also set up Bill Pay through your bank. If you prefer to mail your payment, please make your check out to Give Hope Global and mail it to:

Give Hope Global
PO Box 2071
Fort Mill, SC 29716

Can I Communicate With My Child?
Yes! The children LOVE receiving letters from their sponsors. We take larger teams to Haiti 3 times a year and will deliver letters for the children from their sponsors. We will send email notifications letting you know when and where to send letters.

Helpful Tips for Writing to Your Child:


  • keep the letters simple and to one page
  • include pictures of your family – the children love seeing who sponsors them!
  • ask questions about the child
  1.  What do you like to do in your free time?
  2.  What are your friends’ names?
  3.  Do you have any siblings?
  4.  What is your favorite subject in school?
  5.  What do you want to do when you grow up?
  • share about your life and family
  • be sensitive to the poverty that has surrounded these children their whole lives and don’t write about your material possessions or elaborate vacations (ie. it’s okay to say that you went to the beach or mountains with your family but do not say you went on a 7 day cruise or took a trip to Europe)


  • talk about bringing the child to the United States, even for a visit
  • give the child your home address, email or telephone number

**We do not encourage you to connect with your child on social media. Most of the children do have access and use this as a way to make American friends. However, this turns into asking for money, electronics, etc. If you do choose to connect, please use caution and know you will be asked for things.


Will I Receive Anything From My Child?
Yes! Once a year you will receive an updated picture of your child, and at least twice a year you will receive a letter from him/her.
Can I Send Gifts or Money?
Yes and No. We will give you the opportunity to send care packages down to your child at least twice a year. You will be sent an email with specific instructions and specific requests for the children. Items we typically ask for in care packages are toothbrushes, socks, underwear, hair accessories, beef jerky, crayons, stickers, and small toys, etc.

Please do not send money to your child! Give Hope provides for all of the children’s needs through the sponsorship program. Even sending small amounts of cash to the child directly is not a good idea. $5 is A LOT of money for a Haitian and could put the child at risk of having it stolen.

Please do not send gifts to your child except for what is specifically requested to be included in the care packages. Sending phones, laptops, and other expensive items puts the child at risk of having it stolen. If you have questions about whether an item is okay to send, please ask!

Can I Visit My Child?
Yes! We would love to have you join us on a trip and meet your child. Visit our trip page or email esteele@givehopeglobal.org for more information.
Are All of the Children Orphans?
No, most of the children in our student villages are not “orphans” by the true definition – having no living parent. In Haiti, if a family cannon afford to support their child(ren), they bring them to an “orphanage” to give them a chance at a better life. Since the majority of our children do have at least one living parent, and due to the negative connotations of the words “orphans” and “orphanage”, we are moving away from using those words in favor of the more positive “student villages”, “children” and “students”. If you would like to know more about this distinction, please email us at info@givehopeglobal.org