Your sponsorship will provide food, clean water, safe housing, medical care and other basic necessities as well as educational support for the children.
For $400 a month you can provide the tuition of the university or trade school in which the student is enrolled, as well as a stipend for living expenses. Support is broken down in $50 per month increments. We need 8 sponsors willing to sponsor a student at $50 per month. Or choose any amount up to the $400 per month goal.
For $30 a month, you can partner with a student’s parents to help cover the costs of a secondary school education. In Haiti secondary school enrollment hovers around 20%. Your donation helps fund the operating costs, including teachers’ salaries and supplies, for the secondary school, Pan de Vie, which Give Hope supports. This additional support enables us to keep tuition costs more affordable for families.


The Lee Family – “He Is My Brother”

The Flannery Family – “The Moment I Knew”

The Hughes Family – “Love Crosses Oceans”