5 Minutes of Hope

5 minutes. It’s the average wait-time at Starbucks, the time it takes to unload the dishwasher, or the time to fold a load of laundry. How will you spend your next 5 minutes? We invite you to read this newsletter full of encouraging stories of how Give Hope Global is bringing HOPE to those we serve in Haiti and Ghana! We certainly hope you will spend your next 5 minutes with us – we have lots to share and are so excited to see the ways in which the Lord is working in and through Give Hope Global.

In this newsletter, we share with you five specific areas of our work(sponsorship, transition students, our new Shop Hope online store, education initiatives, and upcoming trips/events). 5 areas in 5 minutes. Trust us, your time will be well spent.

All the best, 

Roger and Angela


Haitian social services limits the age of children living in children’s homes to under 18. For many of our young men, this meant leaving Cambry Student Village before finishing their secondary education and earning their diploma. As stewards of these young men’s care for the past six years, Give Hope determined the best solution was to offer them the opportunity to finish secondary school (and in some cases vocational school and higher education) while living at a separate home. The Young Men’s Christian Home, which we affectionately call the “Y”, is part of Give Hope’s transition program to prepare our young men and women to be productive citizens of Haiti. The Y is currently home to 23 young men ages 18-28.

Ketto, a 26 year old resident of the Y, is studying to be a heavy equipment operator. Ketto has faithfully served the Cambry Student Village for many years. “My mother died when I was two years old and at the age of three, I came to live at the Cambry Student Village. I continued to live at Cambry into adulthood, and I now live in the Young Men’s Christian Home operated by Give Hope. I have worked as a supervisor on the campus of Cambry and also served as a Community Healthcare Worker for the past four years. In my free time I like to play basketball and soccer. I am ready to transition into a new career and am studying to become certified as a heavy equipment operator.”

We are so thankful for partners like the Loving Group whose generous support allows Ketto to receive his training as a heavy equipment operator. To learn about other students needing support, please visit our website https://givehopeglobal.org/university-sponsorship/ 

Shop Hope – Coming Soon!

We’re so excited to introduce Shop Hope to you! Our fashion products are both ethically and sustainably sourced from a company in Haiti that pays its workers a living wage, minimizes the environmental footprint, preserves local craftsmanship, encourages local leadership, and contributes to the growth of the local economy.  Haitian employees are empowered to break the poverty cycle and build dignified lives for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Our website, filled with beautiful footwear, bags, jewelry and accessories, will be up and running soon. We will be sure to let you know once the site is live. Shop Hope and Give Hope with every purchase!

*Shop Hope exists to support the work of Give Hope Global in Haiti and Ghana*


Student meeting at Collège Pain de Vie des Cayes, Les Cayes, Haiti

The students pictured on stage spoke to their peers (1000+) about the following:
  • preparing for exams
  • effective note taking
  • the importance of daily attendance
  • tips for being an overall great student
These 5 students are in the top 2% of their school and no doubt are future leaders of Haiti. We spoke about the importance of where we’re going – not where we’ve come from – thanks to God for His grace and promises!