Esaïe graduated from medical university in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and completed a year of internship in Les Cayes.  He is currently working toward licensure. He plans to be a general practitioner. In a country where most who live in rural areas have no access to healthcare, Esaïe is planning on making a difference by bringing hope through healthcare.

“I am Esaïe Despre of Haitian origin. In my country, life is not easy. I remember when I finished with my classical studies, my life was very difficult and I did not know what to do. At that time a Bible verse came to mind: “I raise my eyes to the mountains where help will come from and the help comes from the eternal who made the heavens and the earth” Psalm 121.  Here is God already having a plan for me; he sent Give Hope Global to me, and then Give Hope took care of me. Now I am a medical student at Lumière (light) University. I ask God to use me, to bring help to sick people in all the world, especially in my country because in Haiti there are many remote areas that need medical assistance. I would like to create a mobile clinic to serve the most remote areas to help sick children. God has to chart paths for His children in Haiti, and I believe God placed Give Hope in my life as the catalyst for this great project. Give Hope Global gives hope to children in need. In a word I would say Give Hope is our hope. I take this moment to thank all members of Give Hope Global for this extraordinary work and I believe that God, in his infinite love will protect you and bless you throughout your lives. All we need is hope and Give Hope is our hope.”