From the time Wilner was 8, he has lived at Cambry Student Village.  From the very beginning Wilner proved to be a dedicated student in primary school and in secondary school.  He sets a great example for others students to follow which is why he was named president of our Young Men’s Christian Home in Les Cayes.  

Wilner currently lives on our campus and has also become one of our most valuable employees.  While serving Cambry Student Village, he also attends the American University in Les Cayes, studying business administration.  He plans to graduate in 2024  

“My name is Wilner Eugene. My mother died when I was only 5 years old. At that time, I went to live with my aunt. When I was 8, my father died. By grace of God, I then moved to the Cambry Student Village. I like to play volleyball in my free time, and I enjoy translating for Give Hope teams. I am excited to graduate from university in 2024 and ready to transition into a career. I study business administration. Would you please help me realize my dreams?”