Jimmy was raised at Cambry Student Village in Haiti.  He loved visiting and helping the volunteers that came with Give Hope Global.  He took an interest in English and picked it up as his third fluent language.  He worked hard in school and became the top of his graduating class.  He was also one of the village’s best soccer athletes.  

He obtained a visa to study in the U.S., started college at USC-Lancaster and earned a spot on his college soccer team.  He finished his associate of business degree in May of 2021.  Shortly after graduation, he was accepted to Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina.  They selected him to be an International Student Ambassador and he started classes fall of 2022 to complete his bachelor degree of business.

Jimmy has always taken an interest in business.  He plans to use his degree to develop businesses in his hometown of Haiti so that he can create jobs for the people of his community.

His journey from Cambry to this moment is a great story of determination and perseverance.  Please consider sponsoring Jimmy’s education so that he can one day help the people of Haiti.