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January 2014

Rewind nine years. I was a new mom for the second time except this time I had decided to stay at home after the birth of my daughter. I was struggling with the loss of one identity and trying to figure out how to manage the new one. A dear friend of mine suggested I join the “Mother of Pre-Schoolers” (MOPS) at her church. I accepted her invitation. One of the mentors of the group was Brenda Deese, a mother, grandmother & great-grandmother. She was a Godly women who spoke to the group in such a way that you thought she was speaking directly to you. She let each of us know how special we were in the eyes of God and that our job as mother was one of the most important we could be entrusted with. Her words and guidance helped me during a very difficult time in my life. After a couple of years, I stopped attending MOPS and fell out of touch with Brenda.

Fast forward. Image my surprise and delight when I found out that Brenda Deese and I would be on the same team going to Haiti in January. Although we were not scheduled to work directly together on the trip, I was very excited to get to share this experience with a women I had admired. Little did I know that she would touch my heart again.

On Wednesday, I went with a small group to Darivarger. I was tasked with getting pictures and videos of the day’s events. After taking some photos of the kids, the buildings and the grounds, I ventured into the church where the women’s workshop was taking place. I planned to take a few photos and a video clip for the Give Hope website. Brenda, Joni Groomes and Teresa Braswell were ministering to the mamas, the preacher’s wife and some other women from the community. I sat down and started to listen.

The workshop was entitled “Royalty with Purpose”. Brenda let the women know how much they were loved by God, she shared her personal experiences, she read scripture. I could tell that the women were taking it all in. I found myself glued to my seat. Brenda may have been at that tiny church in Darivarger to speak to a group of Haitian women, but as far as I was concerned, she was speaking directly to me.

I sat there with tears in my eyes remembering the young mother I once was so in need of hearing what Brenda had to say, but the fact is, I still needed to hear what she had to say. So, I stayed and listened and prayed. Before I knew it, I had sat through the entire workshop. Record of the other things taking place at Darivarger would have to be recorded in the mind’s eye. I was exactly where I need to be.

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