In January, our team included four surgeons who saw a baby boy, named Lorens, with a tumor between his eyes. They could not operate in the Haitian hospital and is mother, Marie, said that the tumor was growing.

• Dr. Will Caldwell, a Charlotte ENT surgeon who was on the January team, went to work to bring the child, his mother and the Haitian doctor which Give Hope supports to the US in order to operate on the child. Novant Health agreed to support the operation at its Presbyterian Main location and three other surgeons, including two renowned neurosurgeons, who bring special expertise needed for this case, agreed to participate in the surgery.

• Give Hope arranged for tickets for the three on its May teams’ return flight on June 1st and went to work with Pastor Louis St. Germaine to arrange a passport for the child and visas for all three to come to the states. After three months of effort, the visas were issued on Friday May 31st, one day before the planned trip to Charlotte on June 1st.

• On Sunday, June 2nd, little Lorens was admitted to Presbyterian and scans were performed to determine the extent of the tumor. It was determined that brain tissue had dropped down into his nasal cavity, which further underscored the need for the surgery in order to give Lorens an opportunity to live to grow into an adult. Without the surgery his chances of long term survival are practically nil.

•The Surgery is set for 2:00 on Wednesday afternoon. The surgery is quite delicate and involves some risk for Lorens. However if the surgery is successful, the long term prognosis for him is quite positive.

• Please pray that God will reward the efforts of Dr. Caldwell and his team of surgeons, Novant Health and Give Hope with long life for Lorens.

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