A quick update from yesterday:

  • Pastor Louis was able to locate and purchase food for our 450 kids and staff at our main site so we have averted a food crisis there in the short run.
  • The Sikorsky helicopter made it over from PAP and delivered 1400 lbs of food to the children from the two displaced orphanages at Casamajor and Le Hatte.
  • Today, Global Orphan Project has agreed to fly a plane load of food into Jeremie to address the food shortage for the 300 or so kids who are there…great news!
  • We began to receive photos of the damage at Cambry…heartbreaking to say the least.
  • We are finalizing plans for our team to go there on Saturday the 15th. It looks like we will have 19 people who will focus on medical relief and clean up work. Packing Day is this Saturday 10-8 at 9:00 at Compact Power.
  • We connected with Samaritan’s Purse and are cooperating with them on relief efforts in the Les Cayes area.
  • Many of you have been generous and we will purchase chain saws and generators to ship to Haiti for our use while there and their use after we leave.

It was a good day on balance and in spite of the photos of the damage we remain hopeful and expectant that we will end up better off than we were before the storm….in a year or so…

Roger and Angela

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