From the moment my dad and stepmom, David and Lisa Satterfield, got back from their first trip to Haiti a few years ago, I wanted to go as well. Listening to them talk about the three children they sponsor, Sandley, Togo, and Roudeline, and hearing about the relationships they were building with them through their visits, sponsor gifts, and letters was a source of inspiration for me to one day sponsor a child as well. Well my “one day” finally came this past February when I was able to go to Haiti for the first time. In the months leading up to our trip, I prayed for God to lead me to a child to sponsor. Before we left, I requested a list of kids that needed sponsors so that I could try to meet them and see if we clicked. However, God had another child in mind for me. I met little Evna on Monday afternoon, the second day of the trip. She is 4 years old, new to the Cambry Orphanage, and was in need of a sponsor. I fell in love the moment I met her! She was quiet and reserved at first, but a few days later while we were playing with bubbles, I finally got her to smile. That was the highlight of my whole trip! I spent every possible moment after that with her. A piece of my heart will forever be in Haiti with Evna. I am so excited to continue building a relationship with her and see what God has in store for us.

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