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Real Connections – John Marlowe

  I met Jameson in January 2011 on my first trip when I was a PA student. My memories of that trip are hazy. It was overwhelming in many ways—my first time to a developing country, my first mission trip, still a student doing medical work, seeing all these sweet...

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A Picture’s Impact – Will Caldwell, Medical Director

I returned from Haiti two days ago, having spent time with Roger and Angela visiting four orphanages cared for by ESMI and Give Hope Global. We went ahead of a very capable team currently in country. A subset of that team is focusing on the medical issues...

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October 2016 Team Update

The Give Hope advance team (Angela Quinn, Dr Will Caldwell and Roger Braswell) arrived at Cambry on Thursday afternoon and witnessed the damage caused by Hurricane Matthew first hand. We remain stunned by what we witnessed. Dozens of beautiful trees down all across...

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Letter from Roger Braswell

Dear friends, Many of you know that my family and I have been working in SW Haiti since January of 2011.  During that time we have formed a 501(c)3 charity called Give Hope Global and partnered with a Haitian based ministry called El Shaddai Ministries Int’l (ESMI,...

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Hurricane Aftermath

This is an update on events of Friday and Saturday.. ▪ Global Orphan Project (GOP) delivered additional food to Les Cayes by truck and plane to provision the orphanages at Cambry, Casamajor and LeHatte. ▪ Cleanup has begun at Cambry. The damage there is significant...

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My Life Changed in Haiti

Having been in the Navy, I’ve had a fair amount of travel outside the U.S. I’ve seen a wide range of poverty and oppression in most places I’ve been, but never the kind I saw in Haiti. The first 90 minutes of driving from the airport in Port-au-Prince was like being...

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A Better Me – Rachelle Settle

I just returned from a week in Haiti. Still trying to process all that happened in that short amount of time. I am 41 years old and over the years, I have experienced every emotion humanly possible from joy to grief, love to anger, pride to shame. However, I can...

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Women’s Workshop – Rachelle Settle

January 2014 Rewind nine years. I was a new mom for the second time except this time I had decided to stay at home after the birth of my daughter. I was struggling with the loss of one identity and trying to figure out how to manage the new one. A dear friend of mine...

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The Give Hope Cup- Roger Braswell

  January 2014 Our 31 person Give Hope team just returned from a great week in Haiti. I am bursting to tell the story below…. Coach Mike Czarnecki makes a living coaching youth soccer in Charlotte and volunteers for the January trip to Cambry, his first trip...

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October 2013 Mission

Four weeks ago our Give Hope October ’13 team returned from Haiti after an amazing week of serving in Cambry. Eighteen of us lived and worked together and came back changed by the experience. I thought I should provide an update on our progress for all of you who...

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Go time…

Under 20 hours and counting…..I thought it might be helpful if I provided a short bit of information on our team and our objectives as we move toward launch in the morning... Angela Quinn – Give Hope Co-Founder/Board Member and original instigator of our family’s...

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Having a Bad Day- Andrew Patterson

Written by: Andrew Patterson Everyone knows what having a bad day means, right? We have all had them. We get chewed out at work, or we get a speeding ticket, or the online order we placed is going to be a few days too late and life becomes inconvenient. Some bad days...

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